Welcome to Wyken Croft Primary School!

 A very warm welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy the following pages for we are very proud of our school, our children, our staff and all those who help make the success story that is Wyken Croft.

When you visit our school for the first time you’ll see just how big we are. At around 700 children and just over 100 staff we are the largest primary school in Coventry and one of the largest in the country. However, we pride ourselves in knowing all of our children, their strengths and abilities and on achieving the very best for each of them.

In recent times we have managed to improve standards significantly in many, many areas of school life. Academically our children achieve wonderfully well and are guided successfully through their seven or eight years with us. Over 300 of them enjoy one or more of the huge number of lunchtime and after school clubs run by our staff. They leave well prepared for the rigours of secondary school.

Our classrooms are spacious and welcoming and have the very latest technology to assist in teaching and learning. Most recent additions to the site are new areas and classrooms for our youngest children – Nursery and Reception. The curriculum is well-resourced with interesting and focused books, equipment and ICT hardware and software.

Our staff are lively, well qualified and enthusiastic. They are totally committed to giving our children the very best education they can.

Enjoy your journey though the following pages and if you wish to visit us in person, then we will be pleased to welcome you and show you around our school.

We look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

Derek Gardiner, Head Teacher